See Bruce Vilanch In His New Show “#WhyNotMe?” Aug 9, 2018 At Martinis Above Fourth

See In His New Show “#WhyNotMe?” Aug 9, 2018, At Martinis Above Fourth
August 4, 2018

Bruce Vilanch, #WhyNotMe?


Six-time -winner, head writer for the and featured writer for the Tonys, Grammys, Emmys, returns to Martinis Above Fourth with his new show #WhyNotMe?. Join us for an evening of side-splitting that will leave you will afterglow for days.

Additional fees may apply. For events with a discounted price, no coupon or promo code is necessary.

  • Martinis Above Fourth
    3940 Fourth Ave Ste 200, , CA 92103
    Phone: 619-400-4500

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