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More Than 60 Artists Announced for Cabaret Convention at Jazz at Lincoln Center

August 16th, 2017

More Than 60 Artists Announced for Cabaret Convention at Jazz at Lincoln Center
AUG 16, 2017


Details have been announced for the annual Cabaret Convention, which will feature more than 60 performers. Presented by The Mabel Mercer Foundation, the celebration of New York nightlife will be seen October 16-19 at the Frederick P. Rose Hall, Jazz at Lincoln Center.

The gala opening will be followed by evenings that pay tribute to George Gershwin; Hoagy Carmichael, and Richard Whiting as well as the “golden age” of Manhattan’s supper clubs, boites, bistros, and piano bars. Show time each night is 6 PM.

KT Sullivan, artistic director of the Foundation, said in a statement, “Whatever we do, we take pride in assembling an amalgam of songs and styles. Our 2017 performers range from teenagers to senior citizens, and as ever, we have at least ten people on the roster who are brand new to the Cabaret Convention. It’s a feature of our charter that we introduce our audiences to entertainers they might well not have already seen or heard – and we love doing that.”

The current lineup follows:

October 16: Gala Opening Night, hosted by KT Sullivan and with Corinna Sowers Adler, Danny Bacher, Brent Barrett, Carole J. Bufford, Joshua Lance Dixon, Tommy J. Dose, Greg Gropper, Luba Mason, Marilyn Maye, Amanda McBroom, Tanya Moberly, Karen Oberlin, Lyric Peterson, Vivian Reed, Adam Shapiro, and Jacob Storms. Presentation of The Donald F. Smith Award, underwritten by Adela & Larry Elow. Presentation of The Mabel Mercer Award to Vivian Reed.

October 17: S’Wonderful: The Music of George Gershwin, hosted by Jeff Harnar and Andrea Marcovicci. With Karen Akers, Anna Bergman, Celia Berk, Eric Comstock, Barbara Fasano, Dominic Ferris, Shauna Hicks, Clint Holmes, Nicolas King, Stearns Matthews, Martin Milnes, Marissa Mulder, Mark Nadler, T. Oliver Reid, Steve Ross, Jennifer Sheehan, Deborah Silver, Gabrielle Stravelli, Jon Weber, and Aaron Weinstein.

October 18: Intimate Nights: The Golden Age of Cabaret, hosted by James Gavin. With Joanne Beretta, Barbara Brussell, Charles Busch, Charles Cochran, Natalie Douglas, Laura Kenyon, Carol Lipnik, Maude Maggart, Nellie McKay, Sidney MyerMolly Pope, Ricky Ritzel, Spider Saloff, Bruce Vilanch, and Ronny Whyte. (This evening is dedicated to Barbara Carroll, “The First Lady of the American Keyboard.”)

October 19: Too Marvelous for Words/Stardust: The Music of Hoagy Carmichael & Richard Whiting, hosted by Klea Blackhurst. With Matt Baker, Joie Bianco, Shana Farr, Liam Forde, Eric Yves Garcia, Gregory Generet, Valerie Lemon, Kristoffer Lowe, Tammy McCann, Todd Murray, Josephine Sanges, Stacy Sullivan, Carol Woods, and Amra-Faye Wright. Presentation of The Margaret Whiting Award, underwritten by My Ideal Music. Presentation of The Julie Wilson Award, underwritten by Linda and Peter Hanson.

Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Frederick P. Rose Hall is located at Broadway and 60th Street. Presale advance tickets are now available only through The Mabel Mercer Foundation by calling (212) 980-3026, faxing (212) 980-3049, or emailing Prices are $100, $50, and $25, and Premium Patron Seating is also available at $500 ($350 of which is tax-deductible).

Beginning September 5, remaining tickets will be available for sale only through Jazz at Lincoln Center by visiting or their box office.

Why The Show “Silver Foxes” Would Be Great For Television

August 16th, 2017

TV On Demand
Why The Show “Silver Foxes” Would Be Great For Television
By Dana Hanson-Firestone
August 11, 2017

4-27-2013 3-29-19 AM
A new show has been created but it is struggling to get noticed by Hollywood. “Silver Foxes is a sitcom that is patterned after the long running and beloved “Golden Girls.” It is a reboot of the show and the rumor is that George Takei is set to star in it. The creators of the show are disappointed because their work is not getting the attention that they had hoped for. So far, nobody has picked the series up. Here is a little more about the show and the reasons why it would be great for television.

The creators

Stan Zimmerman and James Berg and the screenwriters responsible for bringing the concept to script form. The series takes place in Palm Springs, California and it is about four older men who are gay, living together. It definitely has taken its’ inspiration from “The Golden Girls,” but it is not a spinoff. Zimmerman disclosed that he and Berg are experiencing a total shutout from Hollywood. Zimmerman is the writer for several episodes of “Roseanne,” “The Gilmore Girls,” and the movie “A Very Brady Sequel.” He believes that there is a degree of homophobia and ageism involved in the block.

Proposed cast members

Should the series be granted the opportunity to air, it will Star the famous George Takei, Todd Sherry, Bruce Vilanch and Leslie Jordan as the four main characters. The cast was assembled in 2016 and here a year later, there is no move to make the show a reality.

Why the show should air

The show would be funny

We could all use some great humor. Why can’t we as entertained by four guys as we were by four women? The answer is, that we could. It would be a lot like a double dose of “The Odd Couple.” While there are serious legal battles going on to protect the rights of LGBTQ people, The show would be a timely addition to the lineup of favorites. Who knows…perhaps it would be a bit hit that would give a network’s ratings a good healthy lift.

Takei’s thinking on the matter

George has shared the fact that he is frustrated over the hold placed on “Silver Foxes.” He hit the nail on the head when he discussed the show as a “commentary on contemporary life.” It could represent a challenge for networks that have a large homophobic viewing audience. Producers are having a rough time making the decision to take the project under their wings.

Will the show fade into obscurity?

Zimmerman is optimistic about the chances that the show will eventually get air time. If all else fails, he may resort to a streaming service. There are plenty of fans who would appreciate the show and it sounds like something that would draw a huge audience. We’re all hoping that there will be a change in Hollywood and that they’ll at least give the series its’ shot.

Bruce Vilanch by Sage Inn and The Landing Bistro and Bar, Provincetown, August 18-19th

August 10th, 2017

Bruce has put something into a lot famous mouths—
Jokes! Stories! Filthy Songs!

You’ve probably seen him in a square, on broadway, or on stage—
Tonight he tells you all about everybody and everything, from Whoopi the star to Jabba the Hutt. And he’ll dance. Really.


Sage Inn and The Landing Bistro & Bar

336 Commercial Street

Provincetown, MA 02657

View Map

TICKETS: Click Here

From ‘Golden Girls’ to ‘Silver Foxes’?

August 10th, 2017

Boston Globe
From ‘Golden Girls’ to ‘Silver Foxes’?
By Michael Andor Brodeur
AUGUST 08, 2017


Do not adjust your hearing aids: That persistent buzz is just the chatter surrounding “Silver Foxes” — the gently ballyhooed “gay reboot of ‘The Golden Girls’” that isn’t actually a gay reboot of “The Golden Girls” but sort of is.

The brainchild (or grandparent?) of screenwriter Stan Zimmerman (who, back in the day, penned some fine “Golden Girls” episodes himself), “Silver Foxes” is certainly “inspired by” by the original “Girls, and will tell the tangling tales of four older gay men living (and likely grousing) together in Palm Springs — that is, if it gets picked up before the idea is shipped off to Shady Pines.

Right now, “Silver Foxes” exists in just two incomplete forms: 1) a scarcely documented table reading held at Zimmerman’s home that went swiftly viral on Instagram;
2) as a dream tumbling around in the heads of gay men everywhere. However, the latter could not have fathomed the fierceness of the foursome brought together for the former: the lead roles were read by George Takei, Leslie Jordan, Bruce Vilanch, and Todd Sherry. (OMG which one is the tramp?!) Rumor has it they’ve even written a cameo opportunity for Betty White.

This is one hip replacement.

I, for one, am screaming. Networks, meanwhile, are showing Zbornak levels of skepticism.

“Ageism and homophobia are not only keeping the show from getting picked up, but from even being read by a major network,” Zimmerman told HuffPo, all but raising his bugle to summon sleeping armies of slighted gays into clicking formation, let’s-get-Betty-White-on-“SNL” style.

This may or may not work, but here’s a slice of cheesecake and some truth: I’ve seen this move before. You flirt with the ones you don’t want (NBC, ABC, CBS — I mean, give me a break here) in order to draw the interest of the ones you do (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon). I’m pretty sure I learned that one from Blanche. Will it work? Depends.

Netflix seems not to have noticed it has absolutely no money for these sorts of things (might I and Tom Selleck suggest a reverse mortgage?) but it seems like a no-brainer that a comedy about aging gay men in Palm Springs would draw viewers like . . . well, aging gay men to Palm Springs.

In the meantime, not sure if you know this already, but you can get in a solid (or slightly mushed-up) four servings of “Golden Girls” each and every night from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. Why so late? Because “The Golden Girls” is the raciest thing the Hallmark Channel airs by leaps and bounds (or short, careful steps).

(And with that, I conclude my housesitting for the vacationing Matthew Gilbert. Notice how I didn’t break anything. Thanks for letting me crash on your couch.)

Interview: Stan Zimmerman: “Silver Foxes”

August 6th, 2017

Interview: Stan Zimmerman: “Silver Foxes”
Eileen Shapiro, Contributor
07/26/2017 08:19 am ET


Ingeniously hysterically funny and sensitive television and film writer, Stan Zimmerman is hoping to present a new television comedy series entitled: “Silver Foxes”. Somewhat along the lines of the iconic “Golden Girls” sitcom, which he wrote and produced in 1985, “Silver Foxes” is a heartfelt scenario involving four older gay men living together in their later years and their dealings with the next chapter of life. Slated for a reading and possible portrayal of the characters are: George Takei, Leslie Jordan, Bruce Vilanch, and Todd Sherry of “Parks and Recreation.” Zimmerman and partner James Berg were responsible for writings of “The Golden Girls”, “Roseanne”, “Gilmore Girls”, and the film “A Very Brady Sequel”, as well as many others. They are currently pitching the new pilot “Silver Foxes” to various networks and trying to overcome some of the challenges regarding the show and the new frontier in television that it offers.

You’ve written for so many television series, what are some of the high lights?

My first big job was “Golden Girls”. I was staff writer on the first season. Before that we had done a few episodic’s. One of the big ones was the episode of “Fame” that Janet Jackson was in. It was actually the first time she sang on it, and it was a song from her first album. Debbie Allen directed it. I remember I was so excited cause I saw it I think at “The Revolver”, in West Hollywood when they would play music videos. I said, “that’s my show”. So we were lucky enough to get on the “Golden Girls”, they liked a script of ours. We pitched our little heart out, I still have some of the pitches somewhere. They weren’t buying any of them. We were literally at the door leaving, and I threw out for some reason: “What if Rose’s mother came to visit? “, and they said “come back and sit down”. We got the gig to write the episode, and we got to experience what it was like as the show unfolded in the first season. It changed the whole trajectory of my career.

I don’t know a person in the world that doesn’t know “The Golden Girls”, at least no one gay.

It’s really not just gay, it’s all ages and all types, and that’s what’s so frustrating about “Silver Foxes”, when I say it can have the same affect that “Golden Girls” has. So then it goes from the ages to the homophobia. Maybe they’re scared that four gay guys is not going to be able to attract a heterosexual audience. I don’t know when that’s ever been proven because it’s never been done.

What would happen if one of those guys hypothetically were straight?

My manager has brought up, what if he could get Michael Douglas or somebody to be in the show? Obviously I would love to have it all gay actors, and lesbians, because there are two power lesbians that live next-door. I mean if we can’t do it with this show, when can we do it? I mean that’s like saying when you’re writing a black show, can’t one of them be white? This is our show, this is the point of view we want to have. I have four gay man that are getting older, and who is your family, we’re all starting to get older, and what is our next chapter? For those of us that have survived the AIDS crisis, and are still living, after seeing most of our friends die…..I went to four funerals in one week…... You know a lot of us didn’t think we would be here. So now what happens? We have found most of our family and support groups amongst each other. I think that’s the story we would love to tell. How we band together in times of need, especially as you get older, you’re there for one another. I think it could be quite poignant, but also really, really funny. Jim Berg and I want to write from a place of honesty. It could be super funny but if it comes from a real place, it’s not broad silly humor. That’s why “The Golden Girls” still feels relevant, because it comes from a place of honesty. There was never a moment of not having the laughs but there was truth in it.

I can’t even get it read by a major network. It’s the age and the homophobia that is still there in Hollywood. It’s the fear, and it’s based on nothing, because there has never been an all LGBTQ show. It would be one thing if they said well we had one and it didn’t work, but they never had one. You can’t point to that, it is all based on fear.

Where do you think a good fit would be for the show?

I think the natural fit would be Hulu because they are streaming “Golden Girls”. That’s a huge success for them that’s even shocking them. I think Netflix is another good place because they are doing “Full House” and “One Day at a Time”. They are doing shows that are based on older sitcoms. I think Amazon would be another great place. Any place that does this, they are going to be rewarded, they will be the saviors of the show, and it’s going to get so much attention. There is nothing like this and there has never been. You can put a smaller cable company on the map, and get them a lot of attention. We are trying and it’s a lot harder than you think. A lot of people are not wanting to stick their necks out, producers or even agent wise, to push this through. We need someone to come in and push it through, or if enough people hear about it, and talk about it, or retweet it, you would think someone over there would be smart enough to say “let’s give it a shot”. I think that they would be more than pleasantly surprised with the reaction. It’s been crazy and so wonderful, the reaction, especially men of a certain age. They get very emotional about it because we feel that we’ve worked through this, and we got this, yet when something like this comes up, we still have to fight unfortunately. We still need to be out there marching, fighting and calling. I think that there are going to be pockets of people that are still very prejudiced but that’s why a show like this will show the world that we are dealing with the same issues. We want to be loved, we deal with health and getting older, and what we want to do with our lives, and how do we maintain relationships? Those are all universal themes. It just happens to be through the eyes of these four men.

You were just on The Jimmy Star Show With Ron Russell. Jimmy Star is a big fan of yours and we think you should use his husband Ron Russell on the show. He’s a true silver fox. He’s 77 years old and still hot.

We would love to show all ages and all types on the show which would be so great through the guest stars that we plan to have. Like on “Golden Girls”, we will have all their families come and go. The George Takei character was married. We have his ex-wife, his daughter, and his granddaughter. We thought it would be great to have a granddaughter run away to their house in Palm Springs for an episode. We thought she could be sexually fluid, and deal with all of that and what that means from the point of view of these older guys.

Are there any other projects that you are currently working on?

I created this play in the vein of “Vagina Monologues”. It’s dealing with suicide notes. A very good friend of mine took his life five years ago so I created a play using real notes from Kurt Cobain to war veterans to LBGT. We’re going to have a big benefit in the middle of October to raise awareness not only for suicide prevention but ultimately I want to create like “Vagina” Monologues” where people can license the play and it goes back into suicide prevention.

Gay, male ‘Golden Girls’ reboot delayed by ‘ageism,’ ‘homophobia’ in Hollywood

August 1st, 2017

Washington Blade
Gay, male ‘Golden Girls’ reboot delayed by ‘ageism,’ ‘homophobia’ in Hollywood
July 31, 2017 at 8:28 am PDT | by Mariah Cooper


The gay, male reboot of “Golden Girls” has hit a roadblock.

George Takei, Leslie Jordan, Bruce Vilanch and Todd Sherry had already done a table read as the core four. Daniele Gaither and Cheri Oteri also read for the lesbian neighbors. Zimmerman told Fox News a Betty White guest appearance was also planned.

However, Zimmerman says homophobia has kept the show from being developed.

“Unfortunately, we cannot get one network executive to read it,” Zimmerman told Fox News. “Or even a producer to pass it to them. We have found ageism and homophobia alive and well in Hollywood.

They plan to continue shopping the series around to networks and hope a streaming service will pick up the show.

“Hopefully a groundswell of support from the viewing public will get an outlet like Hulu or Amazon to make it,” Zimmerman says.